Vehicle Care from Warrnambool Toyota

Vehicle Care at Warrnambool Toyota

At Warrnambool Toyota, we are happy to provide a range of services to help protect your new or pre-owned vehicle throughout the span of its natural life, increasing your pride and enjoyment of ownership, and helping the vehicle maintain its resale value.

All work is completed to Warrnambool Toyota’s personal high standard, and we are certain you will be satisfied with that last little finish to your investment.

Exterior Protection

Warrnambool Toyota highly recommends protecting your new car with the Nano Guard process, especially considering the sea spray and sometimes harsh weather of the region, which is likely to lead to colour fading and paint wear over time.

This exterior protection preserves the paintwork of your new vehicle from bug splatter, bird droppings, berry and fruit tree stains, grease and road tar, and sun damage, which can all eat away at the paint and leave unsightly marks.

Keep your new car looking new, as well as easy to clean; Nano Guard allows you to wipe off practically any dirt with just water and a chamois.

Interior Protection

Like it or not, food, shopping spills, muddy shoes, pets, perspiration, odours and dirt are an unavoidable part of the day to day use of your car, and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior.

Warrnambool Toyota can protect the interior of your car by apply a unique blend of ingredients that adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre, creating a powerful defence again unsightly stains. Vinyl and leather interiors can also be nourished, sealed and protected for everyday use and unforseen, but unavoidable, accidents. A once only application designed to strengthen and maintain that factory fresh new car look and feel will contribute significantly to your enjoyment of your car throughout its lifetime, and help it maintain its resale value.

Interior protections come with a 20 year warranty for new vehicles, and a 6 year warranty when applied to pre-owned vehicles*.

*5 years or less from build date.

Window Tinting

Tinting your windows not only provide 99.94% protection from harsh UV rays whilst dirinv, it also reduces the load on your air conditioning, bonds the glass together in case of an accident, and provides a degree of privacy and luxury to your vehicle.

Dramatically improving both the look and comfort of your vehicle, tinted windows are the perfect touch of class for your new Toyota, or a great way to spruce up a high quality pre-owned vehicle. An absolute must in our Australian climate!